Is the looming MOT deadline stressing you out as your motorhome faces potential issues? We know – nobody eagerly awaits their MOT, but above all, it’s about safety. We often come across situations where a potentially dangerous issue might have been overlooked without MOT inspection. Don’t let mechanical troubles put a damper on your plans! MOT Motorhome Frimley has the expertise to meet and exceed those MOT standards. 

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When it comes to addressing your motorhome servicing needs, there’s none better than AR Service in Frimley. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with a team of skilled professionals, makes sure that your vehicle receives the best possible care. With cutting-edge diagnostics and state-of-the-art equipment, we go beyond mere compliance, addressing potential issues before they escalate. 

Our out-of-the-box approach guarantees that your motorhome not only passes its MOT effortlessly but also remains in optimal condition for countless adventures. Rest easy knowing that our guaranteed replacement services extend to address any potential forthcoming issues!

Our Way of Doing MOT Motorhome in Frimley Check:

Adhering strictly to the DVSA guidelines, we run a thorough yet accurate MOT check of your motorhome, so that it becomes your best friend on the road.

Verification of Motorhome Details

To kick off the Instant MOT check for your motorhome, we begin by confirming its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to ensure it matches the information on your registration certificate, maintaining accurate records.

Assessment of Steering Mechanism

Going beyond the basics, we meticulously scrutinise the functionality of your motorhome’s steering mechanism, ensuring it operates smoothly and responsively.

Examination of Tyres and Wheels

A thorough inspection is conducted to evaluate the condition of your motorhome’s tyres, tread depth, and wheel alignment, providing a comprehensive assessment of its roadworthiness.

Inspection of Lights

Our experts conduct a detailed examination of all lights, indicators, and signals, prioritising safe road use and ensuring optimal functionality.

Examination of Exhaust System

A comprehensive inspection is carried out to confirm a leak-free and efficient exhaust system, meeting stringent environmental standards.

Evaluation of Brakes & Suspensions

We conduct a meticulous evaluation of your motorhome’s braking and suspension systems, ensuring they meet safety standards for reliable stopping power and smooth driving.

Emissions Testing

Tests are performed to verify that your motorhome complies with environmental standards.

Motorhome Repairs & Retesting

Should any issues arise during the MOT test whether class 4 or class 7, our expert team provides a detailed report and repair estimate. With your approval, we promptly address concerns to bring your motorhome up to standard. After repairs, we conduct re-tests to ensure all issues are resolved, providing you with the assurance you need as you drive away.

Common Reasons For Failure

We know – you’re about to get MOT MOTORHOME Farnborough done, but the stress of failing it is consuming you alive. But relax! We’ve got you covered by telling you the most common reasons why MOT motorhome Frimley occur.


Inadequate brake performance results in 10% of MOT failures. You gotta identify poor braking or discover excessive wear is grounds for failing the MOT test.


A significant 18% of MOT failures stem from malfunctioning lights. Whether it’s a brake light, indicator, or number plate light, any non-functional light can lead to a failed MOT check.


Seven percent of MOT failures are attributed to faulty windscreen wipers or impaired visibility. Smearing or visibly damaged wipers are causes for an MOT failure.


Worn suspension components contribute to 13% of MOT failures. The potential dangers of failing suspension parts while driving make them a critical factor in determining MOT success.


A substantial 7% of MOT failures result from insufficient tread depth or tyre damage. Any visible damage or tread depth below 1.6 mm leads to an MOT failure.

View of the Road

A chip or crack on the windscreen that obstructs the driver’s view contributes to a failed MOT. Additionally, adjustable and well-maintained rear-view mirrors are essential for passing the MOT service.


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