You might only know about a full service of your car. But there is another important service we need to discuss about. The Interim Service of your car. Lets learn about this and what is included before you can actually get one.

The interim car service

The most important question is what is included in the interim car service? We will be doing an oil change, and oil filter replacements and along with this some major components are checked such as brakes, clutch, tyres and pipes. But these are a few things we have mentioned the interim service usually checks around 50 things in total.

The service is recommended every 6 month by the manufacturer. This service shouldn’t be replaced by an service. But you should also keep a check on the number of miles you have covered. To find out how much time it usually takes to get the interim car service done? The answer is it usually takes an hour and a half but also depends on many other factors.

Do you want to choose an interim or a complete service?

Although it is recommended to use an interim service for all vehicles but it is particularly recommended for drivers who drive more than 12,000 miles in a year. This could be the case when you have a lengthy commute or travel for work. The longer distances you travel and the more time spent in traffic could have detrimental consequences for your vehicle, which the interim service could deal with.

In any event the interim service should not be used to replace a complete service. They work together to safeguard your car from any future breakdowns and make sure your vehicle is safe drive on the short term.

A check-up in the interim will ensure that your steering, brakes and suspension for working order. They will also change oil filters and engine oil, which may not last during the twelve months between a complete and major service. A complete inspection will look over the components of your vehicle that need to be checked for wear and tear or replacement every year. Air filters, for instance are recommended to be replaced each time you travel 12,000 miles.

If you’re considering an interim or full-service consider the service your car has had in the past and how long it was, as well as how many miles you’ve driven since then will determine the type of services you’ll require the next time. If the last time you had a service was not within the past 12 months, the options are either a major or full service. Make sure to follow the correct schedule for servicing your vehicle. If you’re between regular maintenance, it is suggested to get an interim check-up, especially the case if you’ve driven more than of 6,000 miles within the past 6 months. To get to know about your car, visit area: Aldershot or visit the website