You must be wondering why every service on your car is different from the other? Well yes it is, there are two different types the major and minor service of the car.  The main and most important difference between these both are the parts used in the vehicle and the amount of time to service. But there any many other aspects to look into. To get your car checked for a major service, visit area: Aldershot or visit the website

The minor service:

The minor service is usually a detailed inspection and diagnosis of the car. In this service the mechanics are usually checking from the engine oil to the car parts replacements. Not only has this but they also focused on the tyres, its rotation and functioning. The minor service is usually required when the vechicle has covered around 10,000 km or whether its been a year.

The major service:

The major service is usually about replacing different oil which help in lubricating ring and gears. These help in transferring power from the driveshaft to the wheels axles. Not only this but this service also checks on the functioning of brakes, and the clutch fluid. It will take time to check and replace any wheel bearing grease.

For this service usually it depends on the type of vechnicle you have and what engine has been fit into it. Not only has this but the manufacturer guided you about when this will be required. The major service is usually scheduled after two minor services have been done. But it isn’t necessary, if the car has been travelled for 30,000 km or for around 3 years then this service is a must.

Why do we need to service our car?

The regular service can help you overcome any potential problem, which is why it is impotant to keep you car serviced and according to the manufacturer manual. Service will help you know if the car lubricant is leaking or if any minor part of your car isn’t functioning properly.

But if you are not able to service or your trying to save some of your money. Then this will cause many problems for you in the future. Since the manufacturers have usally guided you on when the minor and major services must be done. And when they are not done on the right time. Its  hard to determine the problem later on and not only that but the problem might be a major one and become costly and time consuming to get fixed.

So in conclusion it is best to do a regular service or try to keep a count on the number of miles that you have covered so that you can keep in account both the major and minor services. And when they need to be done.