Engine Service -Mid Service, Getting your car services is important nowadays. Since at times you actually don’t know what issues you car is facing. So to know if your car is functioning properly its best to get an engine service.

The car service or you can say engine service is usually a maintaince checkup where you are told to bring the car after a specific time interval or when the car has travelled the required number of miles. The car manufacturer usually tells you all this information.

This service includes a lot of things like replacing parts and fluids, not only this but inspections of checking certain parts and whether they are working properly or not. Its not like the MOT test which is like a legal type of inspection to ensure the vehicle is safe to use and not illegal.

They are usally three different types of engine services: interim, mid and the major service. But in this article we will only talk about the mid service.

Do you actually need an engine service?

To service your car is the best way to keep it functioning and working properly. It can be costly but it has many benefits. Lets read about them:

  1. The car that have a history of being serviced will potentially attract buyers and you can sale it on a better value
  2. The car become more reliable since you know it has been serviced and will function good.
  3. The engine starts to function smoother, one you lubricate the parts this helps it to work efficiently.
  4. The brake and discs are manually inspected during this engine service. So you don’t need to worry regarding these two.

What do you get in mid service ?

The mid service also known as the silver service. This service is usually recommended to people after a year or when the car has covered around 12000 miles. Even if the miles have not been completed. It is told that you must get it serviced after a year. To get to know about your car, visit area: Aldershot or visit the website Arservicecentre.co.uk

During this service, you get a lot of inspection and replacement parts. Here we have listed a few things that are done:

  1. The filter change
  2. Spark plugs replaced
  3. The brake is inspected if there are any issues, it is fixed.
  4. The shock absorbers inspections
  5. Wheel bearings
  6. All the electrical components are checked, like battery and motor of the car.
  7. Air conditioning and heater are both inspected if they are working properly or not
  8. The hose of both radiator and coolant are checked.