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Brake discs, also known as rotors, are essential components in the braking system of vehicles (we all know that!). So, if your car gives you a hard time due to its perturbed braking system. Then you ought to take your car to the Brake Disc Frimley services center as soon as possible.

Otherwise if you defer at the moment then it shall cost you more than a few pounds. Let’s not beating around the bush anymore and  look into the signs and types of brake disc replacement:

Types of Disc Brake

Disc brakes are a type of braking system commonly used in vehicles to slow down or stop their movement. There are several types of disc brakes, each with its own advantages and applications.

Here are the main types:

Types Explanations
Floating Disc Brake In this design, the disc is not rigidly mounted to the wheel hub. Instead, it can move laterally to accommodate variations in alignment and reduce heat-related stress. This type is often used in high-performance vehicles.
Fixed Disc Brake The disc in a fixed disc brake system is rigidly attached to the wheel hub. This design is simpler and more common in everyday vehicles, providing effective braking performance.
Drilled Disc Brake It features holes drilled into the disc surface. These holes aid in heat dissipation and reduce the overall weight of the brake system. However, they are more prone to cracking under heavy stress, so they are often used in sports cars and performance-oriented vehicles.
Perforated Disc Brake This disc has a series of small holes rather than the larger drilled holes seen in drilled discs. This design also helps with heat dissipation but is less prone to cracking, making it a more durable option.
Composite Disc Brake It uses a combination of materials for the disc, often incorporating materials like carbon-ceramic. These materials offer high heat resistance, reducing brake fade and improving overall performance. Composite disc brakes are commonly found in high-end sports cars and racing applications.


Signs of Damage Brake Discs

Worn brake discs can compromise the braking performance of a vehicle and pose a safety risk. Here are some signs that indicate your disc brake Frimley may be worn and in need of attention:

  • Vibration
  • Scoring 
  • Squeaking Noises
  • Brake Fade
  • Visible Cracks
  • Reduced Thickness
  • Increased Stopping Distances
  • Rough Surface

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