Does your caravan need an MOT?, If you own a caravan you might want to know about the maintenance and rules or regulations to keep a caravan. Are you confused if your caravan needs a MOT test done? First of all you need to know what a MOT caravan is. Why is it necessary to get a MOT test done? And how can AR Service centers help you in the testing process?

What is the MOT Caravan test?

It is a test taken under the supervision of the authority of the Ministry of transport. They check and balance the vehicles that are secure and eligible to drive on the road. In this test your car goes through different checkups and tests to know if it’s safe to drive on the road.

Here is list of things which get checked during MOT test:

● Seat belt and SRS
● Doors and Seats
● Vehicle structure
● Tyres and wheels
● Exhaust and emission system
● Brakes
● Mirrors
● Boot, tailgate and tow bar (if applicable)
● Steering and suspension
● Horn
● Registration Plate
● Bonnet
● Windscreen, wipers and washer

Now the question is if your caravan needs an MOT test?

To understand this first you should know what a caravan is. Caravan is a vehicle without an engine. It can’t move here and there on the roads like a normal vehicle. People usually use it for living or business purposes.
According to law caravans don’t need an MOT test. But they do look like most of the vehicles and there are many similarities in both, so it’s the duty of the owner to ensure its safety on the road. Caravans are safe to use on the road so they don’t require any MOT test but they do require car servicing and maintenance. AR Service center provides you with basic servicing of your car.

Things involved in servicing of caravan are:

We offer you these servicing:
● Brakes and wheels are checked and repaired if there is any need.
● Different checks like electric and water system, ventilation, fire and safety checkup.
● You should check caravan tyres regularly and get them replaced if needed.

So there’s no need for a MOT caravan but your caravan does need proper servicing and maintenance. You can contact AR services for these maintenance and services.

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