Can you get an Instant MOT test for your car?, If you are a car owner you might be worried if your car is well maintained and good to go on the road. If you are looking for something like this that can confirm your car condition, then the MOT test is for you. AR service center can be your go to option. We provide you with instant MOT tests for your car.
MOT test provides you a certificate if your car meets safety conditions on road and environmental standards according to law. Here we will discuss in complete detail about the MOT test, instant MOT and what are the benefits you can get by getting the MOT test done and how can we help you with your car MOT test?

What is a MOT test?

It is an annual test for a vehicle to check its safety and worthiness on the road. Complete test related to vehicle maintenance, safety protocols, and exhaust conditions so it won’t be harmful for the environment. MOT is an abbreviation for Ministry Of Transport which is a government department. You will get a certificate after completing this test.

What does instant MOT mean?

Many auto-motors provide test appointments for the same day, known as instant MOT. If you don’t have enough time or if you are in a hurry you can check the companies providing instant MOT and book an appointment for yourself. AR service center is the company that can provide you these instantly.

Things which we will check during MOT test, Here is a list of things which our company will check during the MOT test.

● Headlights and indicators
● Handbrake
● Brake lights
● Exhaust and fuel engine
● Seat and seat belts
● Horn
● Tyres and pressure in it
● Windscreen and wiper
● Suspension check.


Following are some benefits you can get from MOT test:

● It will help authorities to know whether your vehicle is healthy or unfit.
● It will make sure if your vehicle is safe on the road.
● Security can be increased
● Low chances of accidents.

So you should get an appointment from the AR service center if you want a MOT test for your vehicle so that it can be recognized as safe on the road. But remember that MOT won’t replace annual maintenance. You should get complete and interim services for your car. So that it can work properly.

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