AR service center is a company that manufactures, designs, and markets aftermarket and original equipment (OE) disc brake rotors all over the world. Brake disc Aldershot has maintained its position as the industry leader in replacement rotors, and the company has earned the respect of customers, industry bodies, and even competitors as a result of its consistent efforts to revolutionize its product line to include rotors for more than 600 distinct types of domestic and imported automobiles. One of the most advanced aftermarket component production facilities in the world can be found. In the 1970s, the AR service centers got their start by manufacturing a single kind of disc on a regular workshop lathe. This was done to demonstrate that high-quality automotive components of competitive quality could be manufactured regardless of the conditions that existed at the time. AR service center is the market leader in passenger, four-wheel drive, and light commercial vehicles because the company manufactures the most comprehensive range of disc rotors available. Brake Disc Aldershot manufactures brakes and does have a comprehensive range of enhanced-performance products in addition to its standard “direct replacement” rotors. These products boast features such as slotting, cross-drilling, exotic materials, improved atop-line, and, in the top line series, a highly sophisticated two-piece design. These products are suitable for use on the road as well as the track. We stock goods that are made to be compatible with a wide variety of automobile brands and models. Not sure which of these options is going to work best for your vehicle? Get in touch with our highly knowledgeable staff right away. For your complete peace of mind when you’re behind the wheel, we have a comprehensive selection of rotors, pads, drums, and wear sensors. In addition, we are able to tailor-make our very own unique product line employing components of the highest possible standard in order to maximize both your level of comfort and your level of safety when you are behind the wheel. Call Us for free consultation on 01252 342 086 or visit our garage Unit A, 151 Ash Road, Aldershot, GU12 4DB, United Kingdom.