A guide to MOT my van: everything you need to know.
If you or your company owns a van, you need to make sure that it’s safe to use on the road and legal to use. That’s where you need an MOT van.
MOT is a Ministry of transport that tests your vehicle safety and eligibility to be safe on the road and then provides you with a certificate. Here is a complete guide to MOT my van and best center that can provide you MOT services.

What are the rules and regulations for MOT vans?
Here is a list of rules to get MOT my van done:
● Just like every other vehicle, vans also need to be tested once after every 12 months before the expiry date of the current MOT certificate.
● If your vehicle is new or less than 3 years old then you don’t need any MOT certification to drive it on the road.
● There is no need to test new vans until they are in use for around 3 years.
● If you drive a van which is not MOT certified then you are at risk of fine or cancellation of your insurance policy.

Tips to follow :
Here are few tips which you can follow to prepare and pass your van MOT test:
● Check your headlights, fog lights, taillight, indicators and side lights.
● Check if the windscreen and wipers are working properly.
● Do check if your number plate is secured and visible
● Check the exterior of the car if there is any dent, or sharp edge.
● Check the interior like seat, seatbelts, rare mirror. Test the working of the horn.
● Check if there is any leakage of oil, fuel, diesel.
● Check tyres, pressure in it and rims of wheel.
● Check exhaust and wider system.

By following the tips given above, your van can easily pass the MOT test. You can also book an appointment with the AR service center and our team will help you maintain your car in such a way that it will pass the test. But do remember that the MOT test can’t replace annual maintenance of your vehicle so you must get it checked every 6 and 12 months so that little damage can be cured on time.