Does your motorhome need an MOT?

Are you an owner of a motorhome? And you are looking for maintenance and rules or regulations related to motor home. Do you want to know if your motorhome requires an MOT test? First of all you need to know what a MOT motorhome is. Why is it necessary to get a MOT test done? And how can an AR service center help you with it?

MOT test:

It is a test taken under the supervision of the authority of the Ministry of transport. They check and balance the vehicles that are secure and eligible to drive on the road. In this test your car goes through different checkups and tests to know if it’s safe to drive on the road.

MOT test for your motorhome:

Your motorhome is like the other vehicles on the road. So you should get an appointment for the MOT test. Your motorhome is categorized as class 4 MOT so you can get it tested in most of the car stations. If your motorhome is large and heavy so you must contact the class 7 MOT testing center.

Working of the MOT motorhome:

Testing center will test your motorhome and the faults can be categorized as dangerous, major, minor, or advisory.
● Dangerous and major faults can directly fail you in the test.
● Minor is not severe enough to fail the test. It can be repaired.
● Advisory is like a minor fault, it means components will be faulty soon.

Why does a motorhome need an MOT?

MOT is necessary to be done every year to maintain your safety and protect the environment from harsh conditions. You should get it done because police or traffic wardens might ask you about your MOT certificates.

Hence it is advisable that you should get a MOT test done every 12 months but don’t replace this test with servicing and maintenance. You should continue doing these. Arrange an appointment with AR center for best experience.

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