What is MOT classes 7 and do I need one for my car?

Are you driving a vehicle that is older than 3 years? Are you worried if it is still good to go on the road? Here we have a company for you that is offering you with the best MOT services. You can contact AR service center for these Services.
A MOT test checks if your vehicle is safe and roadworthy to go on road and if your car meets environmental standards set by authority. But do you know what MOT class 7 is and do you need it for your car?

What is MOT classes 7?

This test is specifically for vehicles that weigh more than 3000kg like transits, motorhomes, pickups or horsebox vans. We carry out this test by trained and experienced specialists licensed by authority.

What are the things that get checked in MOT class 7?

We will check these things in your complete MOT test:

● Tyres Wheels
● Exhaust System and Exhaust Emissions
● Mirrors
● Doors
● Towbar
● Boot and Tailgate
● Fuel System
● Vehicle Structure
● Brakes
● Seats and seat belts
● Horn
● Steering Suspension
● Wipers Washer
● Windscreen
● Bonnet and Lights

Do I need a MOT class 7 test as a car owner?

If you are a car owner, you won’t need a class 7 test because this test is for bigger vehicles like transit vans, high tops and trucks which weigh more than 3,000kg.

Are MOT tests a legal requirement?

It is a necessary requirement for all vehicles. But for class 7 vehicles it starts three years after the date of registration. Means if your vehicle is older than 3 years, you should get its MOT after every 12 months. You can even get charged if you drive a vehicle that is not MOT tested by authority.

So you should get your MOT test done annually. You can book an appointment from the AR service center and our team will provide you with basic services you need. Do remember this test won’t replace yearly maintenance of your vehicle. This test is to check the normal working of your vehicle not to fix any problem.

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