Are you searching for a reliable and affordable MOT service in Farnborough? Look no further than A R Service! We understand the importance of keeping your vehicle safe and roadworthy without breaking the bank. 

Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality CHEAP MOT Farnborough at affordable prices, so you can drive with confidence without worrying about the cost. With our expert technicians and state-of-the-art facilities, we ensure that your vehicle receives the thorough inspection it deserves without compromising on quality. 

At A R Service, we believe that safety should never come at a high price. Trust us for affordable MOT services in Farnborough and experience the difference today!

Our MOT Checklist

At A R Service, we conduct MOT inspections using a comprehensive checklist to ensure that every aspect of your vehicle is thoroughly examined. 

Our skilled technicians meticulously inspect all the key components of your vehicle to ensure they meet the required safety and environmental standards.

Brakes and Steering

One of the essential parts of our CHEAP MOT Farnborough checklist is the examination of brakes and steering systems. We check brake pads, discs, and fluid levels to ensure they are in good condition and functioning properly. 

Additionally, we inspect the steering components to ensure they provide precise control and safe handling of your vehicle.

Lights and Signals

Proper lighting is crucial for safety on the road, so our checklist includes a thorough inspection of all lights and signals on your vehicle. 

We check headlights, brake lights, indicators, and hazard lights to ensure they are bright, clear, and working correctly. If any bulbs are dim or burnt out, we replace them to ensure optimal visibility.

Suspension and Tires

The suspension system and tires play a significant role in maintaining stability and handling, so we pay close attention to these areas during our CHEAP MOT Farnborough inspections. 

Our technicians inspect suspension components for signs of wear and damage, and they check tire tread depth and inflation to ensure optimal grip and traction on the road.

Exhaust Emissions

As part of our MOT checklist, we also test exhaust emissions to ensure your vehicle meets environmental standards. 

Our technicians use specialized equipment to measure pollutant levels emitted by your vehicle’s exhaust system. If necessary, we can diagnose and repair any issues to minimize environmental impact.

Detailed Report

After completing the MOT inspection, we provide you with a detailed report outlining the results of the check. This report includes any issues found during the inspection, along with recommendations for repairs or maintenance. 

Our goal is to keep you informed about the condition of your vehicle and ensure it remains safe, reliable, and compliant with all legal standards.

What if You Failed MOT Testing?

If your vehicle fails its MOT test at A R Service, don’t worry—it’s not the end of the road. Our technicians will provide you with a detailed explanation of why your vehicle failed and what needs to be addressed. 

We’ll walk you through the issues and answer any questions you may have to ensure you understand the results.

Discussing Repairs

Once we’ve identified the reasons for the failure, we’ll discuss the necessary repairs or adjustments needed to bring your vehicle up to standard. 

Our team at CHEAP MOT Farnborough service will provide you with a transparent breakdown of the required work and associated costs, so you know exactly what to expect before proceeding with any repairs.

Providing Options

At A R Service, we believe in offering our customers options. Depending on the severity of the issues, we’ll present you with different options for repairs, ranging from essential fixes to more comprehensive solutions. 

We’ll work with you to find the best course of action that fits your budget and ensures your vehicle meets all necessary standards.

Carrying Out Repairs

Once you’ve decided on the repairs needed, our skilled technicians will get to work promptly to address the issues identified during the CHEAP MOT testing. 

We use high-quality parts and advanced techniques to ensure that repairs are completed to the highest standards, restoring your vehicle’s safety and roadworthiness.


After the repairs have been completed, we’ll conduct a re-test of your vehicle to ensure that all issues have been addressed and that it now meets the required standards for passing the MOT test. 

Our goal is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible, so we’ll work efficiently to complete the re-test and provide you with the necessary documentation.

Ensuring Satisfaction

At A R Service, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to make the process of addressing a failed MOT test as smooth and stress-free as possible for our customers. 

Our friendly team is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that you feel confident in the quality of our work and the safety of your vehicle.

Our Warranty Policies

At A R Service, our CHEAP MOT Farnborough service believes in providing our customers with peace of mind when it comes to repairs and services. That’s why we offer clear and transparent warranty policies on all the work we undertake. 

Our aim is to instill confidence in our customers, knowing that they are protected in the unlikely event of any issues arising after the service or repair.

Warranty Coverage

Our warranty policies typically cover the parts and labor involved in the specific service or repair performed by our skilled technicians. 

This means that if any components fail or if there are any issues related to the work carried out, you can rest assured that we will take care of it. Our warranty coverage varies depending on the type of service or repair, so be sure to ask our team for details.

Duration of Warranty

The duration of our warranty policies may vary depending on the type of service or repair performed. However, we typically offer a standard warranty period to cover against defects in materials or workmanship. 

This period may range from a few months to a year, depending on the nature of the service or repair. Our team will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the duration of the warranty coverage for your specific service.

Terms and Conditions

While we strive to provide comprehensive warranty coverage, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of our warranty policies. These terms outline any limitations or exclusions that may apply to the warranty coverage, such as damage caused by misuse, neglect, or unauthorized modifications. 

Our team will gladly explain these terms to you and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Customer Support

At A R Service, our CHEAP MOT in Farnborough service values our customers and are committed to providing exceptional customer support. If you have any issues or concerns related to our warranty policies, our friendly team is here to assist you. 

We will work diligently to resolve any issues promptly and ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome.


Don’t wait any longer to get the service you need. Book with A R Service today and experience the convenience of our efficient, reliable, and friendly service. Whether you need repairs, maintenance, or specialized services, we’re here to help. Stop looking for “CHEAP MOT Farnborough near me” and Contact us now to schedule your appointment!