Tips to get a cheap MOT test., Is your MOT test getting expired soon? And you are looking for garages that can provide you testing services for cheap? Here are a few tips which you can follow to get a cheap MOT test done and to cut the price of your servicing half.

Usually the MOT tests done by the councils are cheap and budget friendly. But do you know if you fail the test and you get repairing services from them, you will be charged extra for spare parts and labor. So we will give you a few tips which you can follow before getting a MOT test done from the council.

Do a DIY MOT of common fails:
Nearly 40% of MOT tests fail during the first time but you can avoid it. You can sort out some of the faults on your own while others might need professional help. Either way it will cost less to you.

Checking most common MOT failure and repairing them:
● Check if all lights are working properly. Including headlights, indicators, side lights etc
● Check the suspension of your car by applying weight to each corner and then release it to see if it goes back instantly.
● Checking tyre pressure and tread.
● Working of windscreen wiper or is there any damage on the screen.
● Check if your steering wheel and brakes are working properly.
● Checking seat and seat belts of your car.
● Is the exhaust system working properly?

Choosing the right MOT center.
After analyzing all these things by yourself you can hire a professional to do the minor repair. AR service center provides you with all these facilities in your budget. You can choose our packages according to your choices. Then you can visit the council MOT testing center to get your test done. If your car is already in good condition and there is no need for any kind of repair then you can simply visit them and get your test done cheaper.